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11:11 to me has always represented a sign of intuition and positive affirmations. Reassurance that what I'm thinking and feeling IS possible. The thoughts and energy you're focused on will manifest in your life, in everything you do. Because of this, positive energy and love is the core of 11:11 Event Co.

Keep seeing 11:11? What does it mean?
Gassmann Wedding (Eastbank Venue)
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Stoehr Wedding (Tea Room, Des Moines)
Hey! That's me!!
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Founder | DJ | Consultant

Many people know me as being a DJ through Unique Events of Iowa. I now have 10+ years of experience doing weddings and events and can say with 100% confidence that I'm doing what LOVE. For me, it's about what I can do to help every wedding or event be better than the last. It's about making that experience the most stress free and enjoyable celebration for every single person in attendance. 

Also, because I'm a DJ, when it comes to music, it shouldn't just be a playlist that gets played without thought and purpose. When I think about music I think about how that music makes people feel. When making a movie or a tv show, they use music to influence your emotion.  I love that I can do this for people. Whether it's cocktail hour, dinner, or time to dance, music really can elevate each of those moments.

I've been given the opportunity to not only be a part of 250+ weddings, but also DJ, Host, and Emcee countless events for organizations like the American Heart Association(Cedar Rapids) Go Red For Women, Heart Ball, and STEM events, American Heart Association(Iowa City) Go Red For Women, A Night to Shine -Tim Tebow Foundation, Benton County Countryfest concert series, Iowa Wedding Expo Runway Show, Cedar Rapids Craft Fitness Friday Night Lights CrossFit Open events, and for the infamous GoDaddy Holiday Event Pre-Party!

In my personal life I'm driven by my relationships with so many amazing and supportive people. My 3 girls Macee, Harper, and Brielle, and my wife Erika are at the center of my world!

As a family we've overcome adversity with Erika going through 2 rounds of cancer, battling through it as a family and coming out healthier and stronger! 11:11 has been a significant symbol in our lives and throughout this journey. Almost daily we would see this and be reminded that even though the path was often full of fear and uncertainty, by staying positive and holding good energy, we could use it to heal and to provide inspiration for others. Often, when one of us sees that it's 11:11 a text is immediately sent to the other to announce it! Our next project is creating a foundation committed to helping as many people as we can by providing financial support, information on alternative cancer treatments, integrative medical referrals, recovery modalities, nutritional guidance, and more.

Also, I'm a hugger.


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I'm very honest and up-front in saying that my pricing will be within the top tier based on most Premium DJs in the area. I completely understand and respect that everyone has a budget they are trying to stick with. That being said, I try to help any potential client gain a better perspective on the importance of not just hiring someone to play a role as a "DJ" - (aka someone who simply plays music) but hiring someone to actively assist with the flow of the reception, has a complete understanding of how music plays a huge role throughout the night, and who truly becomes integrated within your event. Experience, passion, and focus is my promise from the initial consultation, to the day of, and all night until the very end! If you feel like we would be a great fit, I'd love the opportunity to chat!

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